Andy Delcambre
Software Engineer at GitHub. Ruby programmer. Photographer.

Engine Yard14 Jul 2008

Lots of big changes in my life recently. The biggest news is that I accepted a new position at Engine Yard. My first day was last Monday and this has been a very full and extremely fun week. I am really enjoying the technical side of things but the culture at this company is really what does it for me. I have hung out with or grabbed a beer with Dan Peterson, Yehuda Katz, Leah Silber, Corey Donohoe, Jayson Vantuyl, Ed Muller, Lance Walley, Tom Mornini, Michelle Champlin, Nick French, Ben De Jesus and many more I am sure I am forgetting (21st Amendment will do that to you).

As for my actual job at Engine Yard, I am still ramping up, but I am going to be working on internal applications using Ruby, Merb and Datamapper. I am really excited to be using Merb and Datamapper. It is so amazing to work down hall from the guys that invented these frameworks, a truly invaluable resource.

Finally, it was just announced today that Engine Yard has closed their Series B venture capital funding. This round was for $15 million and led by New Enterprise Associates, Inc. (NEA), with participation from and current investor Benchmark Capital. You can see the press release here for more information.

These are very exciting time for both myself and Engine Yard. I am looking forward to finding a permanent place to live down in the bay area and the coming adventures at Engine Yard.